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Wilson Street opening –

scheduled for October 30 with single lane


We’re only three weeks away from the partial opening of Wilson Street after months of major construction that will all be worth it for motorists using this main arterial road.

With the work that people can’t see, and the above-surface enhancements, Wilson Street will truly be the gateway for anyone coming into Ancaster.

All sewer work will be completed this week, with curbs done next week and paving the week of October 23. We will have single-lane traffic flowing by October 30 and all landscaping and site work will be finished and the road open in all directions by November 24, two weeks ahead of schedule.

I want to thank everyone for their patience as this important infrastructure work was undertaken during our shortened construction season. I know it was frustrating, especially for residents in the area where cars were detoured, so we are all grateful to you for your understanding.

By October 15, the flood-mitigation project on Montgomery Drive between Old Dundas Road and Wilson Street will also be completed, and we’ll have two significant infrastructure projects behind us. This project has seen the installation of a nine-foot-diameter pipe to store effluent during heavy rainstorms but the limestone rock in the ground proved a challenge when laying the pipe and the arduous task of breaking it up set this one back a few weeks.

The next two items are all about water… drinking water and the aquatic variety.

First, I want to provide an update on the Sulphur Springs well after lengthy discussions with various departments and external agencies around a workable solution that allows people to continue using it.

According to our Health Protection Division, we need to change the Ancaster well site so the general public cannot easily or freely access the water, meaning we need to install a fence around it with a card-activated lock and anyone wanting to get water will have to obtain a swipe card from the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA), owners of the well.

We are also being advised that a sign will need to be posted at the site indicating that the water is not drinking water and that it is known to contain excessive concentrations of arsenic and sodium.

The details of how this will be resolved are being discussed Oct. 5th at a meeting of the HCA. Stay tuned!

Finally, I want to report that the improvements to the Ancaster Aquatic Centre pool are complete and a grand opening event will be held shortly. Features of the renovation are accessibility, generous-sized universal change room, new accessible washroom, new reception counter, lifecycle renewal (e.g. HVAC for small pool), spruce-up & painting, new community room, and refurbishment with the elevator to meet current codes – all in the original footprint.

Users have communicated some concerns which are being addressed by staff and the architect. With slight changes, the men’s room will gain seating area by removing a bank of lockers and adding another bench.  Hooks are being installed in all three new change rooms and ponding water issues in both the male and female change rooms are being reviewed.  The new water tower to be installed at Fiddler’s Green and Garner area will increase water pressure to the showers in all the change rooms.

As always, if you need to reach me for any reason, please contact my office at City Hall at 905-546-2704. You can also contact me by e-mail at

Oct 2, 2017