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Construction in Ancaster in full swing

… please take caution and obey new pedestrian crosswalks


Renovations never go exactly as planned and road construction is no different.

With road reconstruction underway along Wilson Street, we discovered that the large sanitary sewer pipe needed to be replaced and that two utility cables need to be buried deeper in the ground to accommodate the work at the intersection of Amberly and Wilson. This is why the intersection has not been paved yet to allow the stretch from Amberly to Meadowbrook to reopen.

Even though there will be some work remaining, traffic should be driving on the entire length of the project on Wilson Street by late October and the project complete by late November.

The other infrastructure work in Ancaster – the flood-mitigation project on Montgomery Drive between Old Dundas Road and Wilson Street – is also facing unforeseen issues as the contractor hit rock when digging to install the nine-foot-diameter pipe.

As I’ve reported before, this deep sewer pipe will store effluent during heavy rainstorms when the pumping station on Old Dundas Road is operating at capacity and when the rains subside, effluent will then flow back to the station for pumping up to the sanitary sewers. It is expected that this work will be completed by mid-October.

I’m watching both of these projects daily and with my professional background in the industry, know the right questions to ask contractors. These much-needed projects will be of huge benefit to the residents of Ancaster.

I also want to remind motorists – and pedestrians – to use caution when approaching the new pedestrian crosswalks on Wilson Street. With the first of three being installed at Todd Street where C.H. Bray Elementary School is located, motorists need to be aware of the need to stop until the pedestrian has safely reached the other side of the street.

Two other pedestrian crosswalks will be installed at Wilson and Shaver at the roundabout and Wilson at Amberly Blvd.

Finally, I want to make residents aware that the application process for the 2018 Volunteer Firefighter recruitment intake is now open and will remain so until September 6. Applications will only be accepted online at This website also provides potential candidates with an information guide outlining this year’s process, including key dates.

While officially called volunteer firefighters, they are actually part-time and do get paid when called into service. The goal this year is to graduate a total of 48 new volunteer firefighters. Good luck to those applying!

As always, if you need to reach me for any reason, please contact my office at City Hall at 905-546-2704. You can also contact me by e-mail at

Aug 22, 2017